End of Summer 2015

There are exactly four days until my two siblings start school. That means four days left of summer. Well, really nine days for me since my school starts later, but it is hard to know if I should count those days, because I know it will be different with everyone else away.

Ending summer always gives me a bittersweet feeling. This year it is particularly bitter, but I am starting to come to terms with it. I wonder why it feels harder this year. Perhaps, it is because I am going to a new school this fall. Or perhaps, it is because this summer was especially peaceful and rich. So, as summer draws to a close, I enjoy looking back at it and thinking of all the things I have done: going on a family camping trip, picking pounds and pounds of blueberries, seeing various family members, spending hours outside in the sunny weather, observing the circle of life through our ducks, spending lots of time with my goats, cooking with my mother and sister, and playing with our DLF (Dear Little Friend or the toddler my mother watches).

2 comments on “End of Summer 2015

  1. Aunt Sarah says:

    Beautiful pictures and comment. You have captured summer in the light, color, and subject.


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