Today is Michaelmas, and for the past ten years I have celebrated it at my old school as a way to mark the changing season. Unfortunately, the festivities will be happening during the school day. Neither my sister nor I will be able to attend the annual Saint George and the Dragon play, the dragon bread baking, the games, or see all of our many friends that make up our community. Instead, my mother and I will be spending the morning preparing for our own Michaelmas celebration at home. It will not be the same as the one I have gone to for so many years, but I look foreword to the beautiful beeswax candles, our own dragon bread baking, setting the dinner table with our nice napkins, and hearing stories of today’s Michaelmas festival.

Michaelmas Days

Beauty said the butterfly

 Harvest pumpkins, oats, and rye

 Light our flames for darker days 

Foggy mornings, evening haze

Beauty said the migrant bird

It’s time to gather nuts and herbs 

The summer sun must bid farewell

Raindrops on the windowsill

Foggy mornings, evening haze

Cherish now our Michaelmas days


2 comments on “Michaelmas

  1. Aunt Docia says:

    Lovely photos, Rae.


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