Candle Dipping

Fall is here. It is still often sunny, but now it is much colder than it was a few weeks ago. Now we warm ourselves by our big woodstove, and wear several sweaters in the morning when we go outside for animal chores. In the garden, some of the flowers and vines are dying. The color is changing, and as the new season becomes more present our activities change as well. Last weekend, my family and I made candles from all of our old scraps of candle wax and beeswax crayons. We used only orange and yellow colored wax that made the candles a pretty honey cinnamon color. My mother created a hanging system that gave each candle enough time to cool before it was dipped again. This gave the candles a smooth look. I loved watching the candles grow fatter over time. They looked cloudy when they first came out of the hot wax and as they cooled, the color grew deeper. As a family, we made 16 candles. A side project my siblings and I also did something that we called “nature dipping”, where we dipped leaves and pine cones and a few other things that we found outside. We are thinking of using our “nature dippings” as autumn decorations and then fire starter later on.

2 comments on “Candle Dipping

  1. Aunt Sarah says:

    Beautiful pictures and writing. We see similar symptoms of the change of seasons here in Boston. I love thinking of you all enjoying the beautiful candles too.

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  2. Rachel says:

    The colors are beautiful! I love the idea of “nature drippings!”

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