Vignettes of October

     IMG_2873Thursday, October 1, 2015

The afternoon sun shines. My brother and I decide to take the goats in the woods. We rush off, calling to the goats to follow us, the goats do not heed our calls, and trot away on their own trail looking for food. My brother and I follow the well-worn path, only taking detours to find the brightest fall leaves. I photograph them all. My brother wants to go back to the house and I do not. We negotiate, and I finally decide to leave. Walking back, I think of all the dying leaves I have photographed, and I thing of one of the newest words I have learned, senescence. The definition of senescence is biological aging and gradual deterioration. Recently, my mother keeps finding dead animals, a chicken, a raccoon, and a baby bird. Today I found the leaves. The fall is bringing senescence.

IMG_8414 Sunday, October 4, 2015

My dad, brother, and I are going on a walk at a nearby park. The walk goes through the woods and out to the beach. It is only a few miles from our house, and we go their every fall to see the maple leaves. The color in the leaves has not quite changed, but the woods are still lovely. The sun is shining when we come to the beach. The yellow and green trees reflect on the water, making the view beautiful. My dad gazes off, soaking it up. My brother and I head to the water’s edge. I take pictures of the small beauties. Beside me, an invisible attack is taking place, rocks and sticks are splashing into the water. We each have found our place.

IMG_3111Wednesday, October 7, 2015

School ends early and my dad drives me home before lunch. Grabbing my camera and a raincoat, I follow DLF and my mother outside into the rain. Raindrops cover the grasses and flowers. It all looks beautiful to me. Tomorrow I may hate the rains, but today they are welcome.

IMG_3586Friday, October 16, 2015

My sister and I have the day off school. DLF calls at the back door to go see the goats. My mother and I follow him outside. When the goats come up close to him, he calls out in fear. My mother holds his hand and shows him how to pet them. He watches the goats nervously while he gently pinches their fur. Together we walk through the pasture and open the gate. I am off to the woods again.

2 comments on “Vignettes of October

  1. Robin Ackroyd says:

    Love everything about your blog site, Rae. Your photos, your news of family doings, and your feelings and point of view about the passing scene, the change of seasons, everything – all are wonderful. Look forward to your next entry. Best love to you, Robin


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